Frequently Asked Questions


How many products are included in each box?

Your subscription includes up to six products per box.


What kind of products are included in the box?

Products from professional spa/skincare companies. Past products include: masks, serums, moisturizers, nail clippers, hand lotion, lip plumpers, cleansing towels, body lotion, lip gloss, lipstick, brow serum, foot mask, and eye cream.


What are the subscription options?

Bi-monthly, which is $24.99 per month (plus applicable taxes) and annually, which is $120 and requires a 12-month commitment before cancellation. The annual subscription offers a 20% discount in comparison to the bi-monthly option.


When will my box ship?

Boxes start shipping at the beginning of the month. The projected home delivery is mid-month to the end of the month, depending on your location. If you would like tracking information, please contact customer service: or 1-866-344-1315.


When will I be charged?

Annual subscriptions will be billed the day you subscribe. Bi-monthly subscriptions are billed when your box ships. You do not have to re-sign up for each box with a bi-monthly subscription.

Questions or comments?

Contact customer service:


Phone: 1-866-344-1315